Day 8: 97% FOR-THE-WIN!

Ever since I declared my single status in Facebook, where all my friends actively participate in, it seems that my priorities have shifted gears. I noticed that my old posts were mainly about the seasonal exes I’ve dated, but now it’s about encouraging quotes for every day living. I’ve also noticed that I became inactive in participating in social activities that I used to be more accustomed to. Nowadays, I mainly bury myself in Nursing books, Anatomy books, Pharmacology dictionaries, and any medical articles that sparked my interest. I have been more interested in studying than partying or even dating. It seems that I find more security and excitement every time I manage to take home an excellent grade. However…

It was the hardest class I've had to deal with and I made it!

I know that quietly and behind my back, some of my classmates are intimidated of my brilliance. Whenever my Nursing teacher asks a question, usually, the first hand in the air belongs to me. I shoot her with answers that are etched clearly from my memory and sometimes things that she hasn’t discussed, but were taken from outside sources like optional readings of medical research. My main intention is not to brag about my answers (well part of me wants to), but to challenge myself and to test how much knowledge I have sustained since the beginning of the course. I really don’t like to brag, but I can feel that some of my classmates’ jealousy is starting to leak through their sarcastic remarks:

Ms. Michaels: “Does anyone else have any questions about opiod agonists?”

ME: “Ms. Michaels, I have a question.”

Mary: “Oh… Khristine, shut up!” said Mary, who laughed sarcastically and who sat right next to me.

ME: “We do know that there are parameters when dealing with opiods to a patient such as monitoring the client’s respiratory rate before and after administering the drug. However, I wonder, how can we include into the patient teaching, before dismissing the patient from the hospital, that they need to monitor for their respiratory rate? I mean… we can’t accurately monitor our own breathing because we know that we tend to breathe unnaturally fast when being monitored, so what do we do?”

Mary: “Shut up Khristine.” She whispered again and continued to text to her phone.

That wasn’t the only time she became sarcastic, but it’s starting to annoy me.

A day will come when I will tell her:

“Don’t you ‘shut up’ me, because I need to know things before I get my nursing license and before I kill a patient because of my ignorance. If you have a problem with me answering or asking questions because you have no clue what they are, put your side notes aside and start writing down important notes instead of texting.”

Every points count and always pay attention to details!

We all have haters and they are what keeps us stronger.

H.A.T.E.R.S. = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. Amen! 😀


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