Day 6: Redundant dates that keeps me single.

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I want to be single, not only because I need a break, not only because I need to learn how to love myself, but also because I’m tired of  dating the same, redundant, and plain type of guys! I don’t want to sound picky or that I have high expectations, but it seems like I’ve dated the same type of guys in four different seasons. I do want to give a chance to any guy that comes along.  However…

I declared to my ex-boyfriends that I’m not actively seeking out for another try on past relationships. But it seems like I have to turn down interested guys too, especially those that resemble any of my ex boyfriends: not physically, but just the way they do things. I get bored easily in relationships especially when I’m with guys who only treats sex as the only thing that makes everything fun, perfect, convenient and cheap. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to cuddle in bed or the couch, watching a movie with a special someone because it’s more intimate, more comfortable and CHEAP! I loved how I get distracted by my partner’s wondering hands that manages to find my pink- laced panties while I try my hardest to concentrate in the movie. Don’t you just love the idea of lying naked in bed all Sunday morning or even the weekends, while you do two or three rounds of hide- and- go play under the sheets while the day goes by? Of course! But did you ever ask yourself, “We could have gone to the stand-up comedy that we both might want to watch,” or “It would be so nice to go hike the mountains just to see the autumn trees change colors.” And then you tell yourself, “Oh that’s fine, there’s always a next time” when there isn’t really one.

Almost all of my relationships have been caught in a safety-net. Once the flirting stage is done, it seems that almost all dates have circled around the couch, the bed or sometimes, the movie theatre seats or any of the fast food chains’ dining seats. My point here, to be exact, is that almost all the guys I’ve met so far, except one (who will be mentioned in future posts, I think), has been boring. Sure, you’ll tell me, you all could have done this, done that, but really… let’s be realistic, time doesn’t really permit us- younguns– to do all the sort of thing that most settled, middle-aged people do: go to the Bahamas, travel to Burma, go to NYC for the weekend, rent a yacht, go camping, go to Europe, etc. Dating, in my opinion, has become quite boring for me.

I have a date with this guy who’s been dying to take me out since last summer. I told him so many times that I’m not ready to be in a relationship, but he still insists on waiting. He asks me to spend time with him this weekend, hoping that I will decide on what to do. Quite frankly, I’m the type of girl who suggests, but he’s the type of guy who complains. So I let him make the decision and he wanted to go to Chili’s or Ruby Tuesday. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am sick of fast-food dates and I’m really up for something new. I might turn him down again and make up a darn excuse.

I’m not expecting a lot from guys, but I just want to meet someone who can make me say, “Ohh… I didn’t know that sort of fun exists.”


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