Day 4: A soul mate is…

I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m trying to get through a year being single. I’ve had failed relationships… one boyfriend after another with a duration of 3 months each. I have been in seasonal relationships and I’m tired of it. I’m trying my best to look for myself and learn to love myself. However…

Taken from: between the lines

– A quote taken from Eat. Pray. Love.



Why do we get caught up hoping that we’ll find that one person, who will shed light to our lives, when all they do is make us happy for a short time and leave because their purpose is done? Why can’t we be contented that we can find love amongst ourselves and be our own soul mate? Do we really need someone else to show us how far we can challenge our patience and all our existence, so that we can find the light (or happiness) that we would normally not find by ourselves???


2 thoughts on “Day 4: A soul mate is…

  1. I really like the quote from Eat. Pray. Love. – So much that i kind of forgot what i was doing befor i stumbled into your blog..
    In some way i would like to think and hope to find that ”one person”, that truley deep love that forfills me in all levels, i really hope that that person will stay in my life..

    It feels nice to be naive for a moment.. 😉

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