Day 3: A Rant.

I want to be single. Almost all of my relationships lasted for a maximum of 3 months and I felt as if I had a new boyfriend or boy-toy every season. It has become harder for me to restrain myself from indulging to the idea that meeting other guys is not bad. And to still get in touch with ex-boyfriends, just as long as there is no physical contact, will not harm me at all. However,

I personally don’t like it when an ex boyfriend randomly sends me a message because he’s feeling lonely.

I’m fine the way you left me, so please, leave me be.

I’m not dumb. Just because I’m quiet about your posts in Facebook doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.

Two weeks ago, you were adoring one girl from Hawaii and now you want my number and you want to see me?


I’m not a substitute and I’ve had it with you. I’ve given you more than two chances already.

I’m sooo done! 


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