Day 2: I can have sex with three guys. Why not?

Taken from: Howstuffworks?

I am a 21 year- old female who would like to be single for a year.  Almost all of my relationships lasted for a maximum of 3 months and I felt as if I had a new boyfriend or boy-toy every season. My goal is that within the next few days, months or within a year, I will feel that I’m content and complete being alone. However,

It’s becoming harder for me not to crave for sex. It’s not because I don’t have any options, but it’s about having the options. I’m trying my best to refrain from freeing my demons 0ut and it’s very hard to control the beast inside me that wants to come out and play. But come to think of it, I’m probably over-thinking about everything too much!

Sex is one of the essential needs that human beings want in their lives. Humans are built to have sex (ever wonder why males have penises that go inside the females’ hole called vagina?). People might disagree on this, but it’s very true. Without sex, there won’t be you, I, or everyone else in this planet. Everyone, including animals, have sex to procreate. However, in order to procreate, there must be an attraction between two species to start the fire. Whether it could be physical, mental or emotional attraction, it all resorts to sex.

I am attracted to a few guys. I am single and I’m basically free to mingle, but what is stopping me? Sex, as I have mentioned, is by far the best stress-reliever and the best relaxant out there! It’s better than drugs! Sure, I can have sex with three guys all at the same time. Those three guys can have two days each, alternating of course, and I can have a day all to myself. If starting a relationship is what I’m afraid of, we can all agree on the good ol’ friends-with-benefits idea. Just imagine, I can have three guys penetrate me in one week. Also, I wouldn’t have to worry about one guy who can’t have sex with me when two other guys are available.

But why do I over think about the reasons why I shouldn’t have sex?

Taken from: Treatment4addiction

Of course, I will probably be called a slut, or at least, feel like one. No guy will respect me once he finds out that I’m banging three other guys all at once. Sure, I’m going to end up falling for one or two of them and I might not be able to determine who I’d like to be with. Keeping up with the friends- with- benefits bull crap is not really easy as one might think. Sex is not just sex. Sometimes, when there’s enough passion and feelings involve with it, you tend to realize that sex completes you physically and holistically. You’ll wake up one day with your so-called friend and you’ll find that they complete you entirely, if not, they make you happy. And that is scary.

Once emotions come in, it’s no longer fun.

You might want to be with the person exclusively and if the person is not ready, then you’ll have a minor angina attack until you can get over that person.

Sex is not only for fun. Sometimes, within a friends-with-benefits relationship, someone will always feel satisfied physically and the other one will feel unsatisfied emotionally. We all have our own needs and sex (even drugs) can’t fulfill them. Unless, of course, you’re too desperate to have sex and you’re willing to do one-night stands. That’s an option too! But I don’t think I’ll go for that.

For now, I need to restrain myself and learn how to be happy with my own toys until I am ready to share it with someone exclusively. 😀

Taken from: The Naomi Show: Love Life

Friends with benefits? More than friends? Don’t sample the goodies unless you’re willing to risk addiction and withdrawal. -Ann Landers


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