Here comes the Sunrise.

I look back in this blog and I see the old part of me that was broken, lost and incomplete.

Another year will soon be over and it’s been quite a roller coaster.

I ask you, to walk with me through my blog and simply scan through…

Somehow, I feel an aura of silence, pain and a quiet pang of regret.

But why should I regret all the dark and scary things that made me into who I am today?:


A strong, effervescent young woman, who’s finally content with life being… well, single.

I’m not alone because after all the friends I’ve lost (RIP the gang) and the boys who came into my life,

I have my loving family and two bestest friends whom I am very happy to share my life with.

I guess you’d say, I’m almost halfway to the peak of my wheel of fortune again and hopefully, it lasts longer.

I don’t know what is beyond my future, but as long as I have the steadfast love of my family, my two bestfriends and my love for myself, I know that I will be fine.

After the dusk, comes dawn.

So…this time around, I’m waiting for the beautiful sunrise 😀

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life — It goes on” — Robert Frost


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