“Khristine. Listen.

I know it’s hard. From what I see, you’re trying to make yourself look good to you and to your parents.

I know it gets really frustrating that you have to work and study extra harder and sacrifice your social life.

I know that you haven’t lost all your friends. They’re still there. You don’t see them, but they are around.

It’s normal to breakdown like this… to feel dramatic. I know that you want drama because your life as it is, is dull.

You want something fun and you want something that would make you feel good. I understand that.

Although, I may have demons myself, you can always talk to me.

I won’t leave you crying alone because I like you too much and I care for you.

If I didn’t, I would have said, “Fuck it, she’s on her own and I’m going to a club and take home a chick.”

But I didn’t… because I like you too much…

All of these that you’re going through is hard. But if you stay… see, if you stay and keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll succeed.

Someday, you’ll look back at this moment and you won’t feel sorry at all.

So… smile. Life isn’t too bad as you might think it is.”

– Dimitry.


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