Finally… I’m “forever” 21!!!

Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday, happy birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

It’s another year of remembering the day when I first came out of my mom’s womb.

I’m truly blessed that I survived another year with so much joy, sorrow and so much excitement~

And since I’m finally 21… I can get into any clubs without worrying about my age.

I can finally enjoy a glass of Blue Moon with friends and buddies

I can finally get into any club

And finally… I can go on salsa nights with my friends since I am 21!

It was only yesterday when I was 20 and now… I’m another year older.

I’m glad that so far, I lived every second of my 20th year with so many fun-filled memories!

Good memories which I hope to have more this new year.

To all the people who made my 20th year such an unforgettable year, you will always be in my heart-

Whether you are an enemy, a friend or a previous lover… you made me who I am today-

A young lady strong enough to have made it into my 21st birthday!!!!

I love you all and let’s all keep on making good memories! 🙂



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