Still you.

I was hoping that I would wake up to your brown, hazelnut eyes but instead,

I woke up and saw a pair of light blue eyes staring at me with so much delight.

I was hoping for you to come out of the airport gate in Reagan with your stripped green and white shirt but instead,

A tall, pale- skinned man in his army uniform approached me with a kiss.


I was hoping to hear you say, “Ti voglio bene piccola,” but instead,

I heard “I love you adorable” from the corner of my eyes.


I was hoping that I’d get a morning text from you in Italian but instead,

He texted me, “Good morning. Have a great day!”


I was hoping to see your eyes beam pleasantly through those glasses on my passenger’s seat but instead,

I saw him laughing and content being with me.


I was hoping to get the kiss you gave me on my forehead every time I leave you on a breezy summer night but instead,

I was bid goodbye with a kiss and a warm, intimate hug on a chilly, windy winter night.

I was hoping to hear you talk with your friends and family over the phone in Italian but instead,

Now I hear Russian mumbling over the phone.


I was truly hoping that you would emerge through those airport gates, only to find out that,

I was only dreaming…

…and all along, I was walking hand in hand with a soldier right next to me.


I still love you…


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