In and Out of 2010.

Late post:

I should have posted this late in December but the holidays made me sluggish in posting.

Anyways, here’s a recap of the ins and outs of love.

Reminiscing my dating life in 2010:

January '10- Mar '10

Howie: My fling after my break up with Dave.

Why it ended? He was too old for me and he has gotten busier until we stopped talking.

March '10 - May '10

Ian: My spring fling. My friends always asked me, “How could you a ’10,’ go for a ‘5’?

Why it ended? He was going off to a different university in fall and he was too busy to hang out with my friends and I.

June '10 - September '10

Beppe: My Italian- summer fling. Out of all the guys I’ve dated, he’s the one who made me feel like I was living in a Disney princess story.

Why it ended? He had to go back to Italy.

October '10 - December '10

Mr. Nit-Picky: My fall fling.

He was someone I “used” to occupy my time while healing from my break up with Beppe.

Why it ended? He preferred to be friends with benefits.


December '10 ----

Dimitry: The Russian dude who is interested.

Why it ended? Not yet.

"Won't you be mine?" - Dimitry

After all the guys I’ve been with this year, I’ve been a little skeptical with this one.


"Walk with me..."

Perhaps… he might be really sincere.


There are reasons why things end up the way we don’t intend them to happen. This year has been indeed a roller coaster for me and I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned not to cry over guys who only ask for sex and I’ve learned to let go of guys because of uncontrolled circumstances. That’s just life… we jump, we stumble, we cry, then we rise again. We all move on…


Cheers to 2011! We’ll see how this goes 🙂


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