You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Khristine-Claus is coming to town
She’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice
Khristine-Claus is coming to town

Since this year has been such a hell and a blessing for me, I think it’s by far the bestest I’ve ever had.

I decided to give away presents to show how much I appreciate and I’m thankful of all the people who uplifted me to become a better person this year.

This is something I’ve never done before because I’ve always expected to receive something from other people. This has been a selfish deed that I have acquired over the years and I want to change it.

2010 has been a great year. It has been a rockin’ rollercoaster. It was a hell to the point that I almost killed myself of a terrible 3-year relationship break-up. Nevertheless, I have been given so many great things beyond my expectations and therefore I decided to share the goodness (karma) around.

I don’t want any materialistic things in return. I only want to keep my recent acquired friendships to grow longer and become stronger. And most of all, I’d love to see my smile reflected on people’s faces. I want to leave people’s hearts touched with a simple gift and a memorable card that would make them feel like they’ve done such a great thing to an individual’s life this year. I want them to end this year with so much happiness even if it was just a second.

Who knew shopping can be such a hustle! I’m a poor college student and I have a LONG list of people to be grateful for! It’s very easy to find presents for young and blooming women, but it’s difficult to find presents for men who are either  young or old. So bargains are my best friend and researching has been a great tool to find presents that will suit every individual’s interest.

Christmas is in less than a week and I haven’t finished my shopping and I haven’t even started on wrapping my presents. Even though I know that I’ll be broke by the end of the month, I hope that my heart will be as wealthy as a drug lord, but with the exception of I, having to be loved by so many and hated by a few. I hope to heal my broken and beaten heart with happy smiles from the people I care for.

I want to end 2010 with a good note and with so much love.


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