Snow… NO!

It’s snowing in my side of the world and I hate it.

I used to like it when it’s snowing:

Age 14. "Yay! Snow!!!"


But it seems that as I grow older, I tend to hate it more.

Age 20. "Wtf. I can't go anywhere!"


It’s nice to have a break now and then, but to get stuck in the snow and you can’t get out, that really sucks. Not only that! You have to take out your shovel and you plow. If you have a huge driveway (like mine), you’ll understand the pain of shoveling snow for 4 hours out in the cold.

Why is it that the things we enjoyed as a child, we tend to hate it as we grow older? Is it really true that as we grow older, our young and lively souls die? That’s quite sad.



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