It’s been here and now I’m letting myself go to get along with it.

I want to change my major.

I give up on Nursing and I want to major in Hotel & Restaurant Business Management and minor in French or International Studies

I want to change my personality.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if people find me blunt. I’d rather be an honest person than to suffer through life being miserably discreet and indirect.

I want to change my expectations when it comes to dating.

I want to think that I’m not seeing new guys like I’m replacing them every season. I will try to not set any standards but at the same time keep my guard on certain things.

I want to change my blog layout.

It’s plain. It’s so depressing to look at it.


And it all starts with…

Clicking the “Publish” button for this post.


3 thoughts on “Change.

  1. changes comes with time and patience.

    change for the better and not the worse.

    change for what u feel that u can improve and not what people think about u.

    and ya, change your blog layout. a fresh start would be good. =)

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