Almost a year ago, I had the most heart-aching break-up.

I found my 3-year boyfriend, Dave, in the shower with one of our friends. What made me walk in to that scene was completely based on my intuition: my sixth sense per se. I remember kicking and stomping at him and wanting to assault on the so-called friend, Vicki, whom I comforted earlier that week because her boyfriend cheated on her with her roommate. It was heart- aching and I felt myself betrayed by my partner who is also my bestfriend and my boyfriend. I remember walking out of that god-forsaken house: my entire body frozen, my face drenched in tears, and my heart beating so fast as if I was running away from an ax-murderer. I walked out of that house, swore to myself never to turn back and never to return to Dave.

January was the hardest month that I’ve endured. I didn’t know where to begin. I hated myself but I knew that somehow, I had to start somewhere and I had to start with forgiving myself.

Looking back, 10 months have gone by and that memory seemed so far away; nevertheless, it seems so insignificant. I feel aloof of that thrust-throwing and heavy-breathing I had felt earlier this year. The reason why it seems so insignifcant now, because of the events that followed right after the horrendous break-up. I am thankful that I broke up with Dave and I am thankful to find him and Vicki in the shower: both oblivious of me entering the house on that Wednesday morning.

If I didn’t break up with Dave, I wouldn’t have:

– found a job that provided me the money to become independent.

– re-united with my old friend Rami, who eventually became my bestest friend.

– met such great co-workers who eventually became my awesome and closest friends.

– enjoyed a summer with new friends who became my mentors.

– been in love with myself.

– known that there is life after the “storm.”

– grown- up into an “independent and strong young lady.”

– been optimistic about life and about being in love again.

– ever imagined that there are truly tons of guys out there who have been interested with me.

– met Beppe, an Italian romantic, who swept me off my feet.


I’m thankful, truly thankful that I didn’t gave up on myself completely.

I’m thankful that I had a chance to restart a new life and a new journey.

I’m thankful that I found friends and finally found myself.


I am very lucky indeed!


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