This would be the most scandalous post I’ll ever share.

For those of you, who have read the previous post about my first kiss with Mr. Nit Picky, the sequel to that kiss was a bit unexpected and a tad confusing. Truly, kissing opens many doors, many possibilities, and it made me open a new opportunity for Mr. Nit Picky.

We had sex.

It was a Sunday night and I just got back from driving a friend to see her boyfriend- an hour and a half away from where we live. I was mighty exhausted but I didn’t pass up the chance to see Mr. Nit -Picky, because it was possible that we might not see each other for a week because of Thanksgiving. It’s a pity because I’m off on the weekend and it’s the only time I’m free when he is busy. Anyways, we were doing our usual activities: watching t.v., cuddling, talking and well… kissing.

It’s nice to kiss him because he is really gentle and not sloppy. When we were talking, I’m surprised that he brought up the question I mentioned from my previous post: “What do you think or feel about the kiss?”

I asked him what he meant and he said, “Did you feel anything special?”

I hesitated a bit and told him , “Uhh…yeah, did you?”

“I did. Kissing you felt really special and I missed you.”

And we started kissing again.

This time around, the kissing grew a bit more stronger. I felt my insides build up, my breathing got heavier and he was stroking my back harder as I pulled back and looked away.

“What’s the matter Khristine? Look at me…”

“Ummm… I’m getting aroused. I think we should pull back.”

It was slightly funny because within the 4 hours of being with him, while cuddling and kissing, we were pulling back, doing it again , pulling back and we even talked about what we liked about having sex, the safety of having sex, and if we are ready.

“We can take it slow, I’m fine with it.” He was composed and calm when he told me that.

“The thing is… I’ll be honest, I’m really tempted.” I felt myself excited and ready.

“I mean… we’ve known each other longer now and I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“I hope this won’t be a one night stand. What if you never call or talk to me after this?”

“Khristine, I told you before, I really like you. If I was only interested in a one-night stand, I would have been pressuring you to take off your panties since day 1.”

He did have a good point.

“And besides, it’s okay if you aren’t ready. I can wait. We can have our first with fireworks and candle light.”

“If I give it to you now, wouldn’t you think it’s that easy?”

“No, it means that I’ll feel something for you even more.”

Then we started making out again. This time, I’m not pulling back.

“Are you sure about this Khristine?”
“Yes… there’s one thing in life I live about: Life is short and I don’t ever want to suffer the what if’s.”

Who knew, doing it with him felt really good.

The night ended with a stuffed animal, a hug, and a kiss which he gave me. He usually sleeps with two stuffed animals named Diesel and Sam. He gave me Sam and told me that for every night, we can both hug each other through the stuffed animals.  I felt special having Sam with me in my bed, but at the same time, Beppe’s monkey has been sleeping with me ever since he left me.

I guess, the fireworks and candle light never happened. But it doesn’t mean it will never happen again!

Now, I need your advice and opinion!

Do you think we took it way too fast and way too far? He hasn’t taken me out on official dates and we’ve been friends for awhile.

Do you think he’s being sincere?

Is our relationship going to end as “friends- with benefits?”


One thought on “Situation.

  1. He seems genuine and sincere. And a very nice guy. We all don’t usually meet those type of guys any more. So make the most of it and just fall in love. It’s what we all need. And also you.

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