Weekend Buzz.

I’ve been asked the same questions over and over again as every weekend approaches and it’s getting quite annoying.

I don’t understand why people do not take the simple answer that in the weekends, I work and I babysit. They all sound like as if I’m doing something “fishy.”

There are reasons why I intended my weekends to be devoted solely for work and not for fun and games. Ever since Beppe left me, he became my inspiration to grow up, pursue my dreams and to have the goal to be independent.

Partying every weekend will not bring me anywhere. It may give me the advantage to meet new people to have fun with, but in the long run, I need money and I need my future.

First of all, I need to make money. Since my weekdays are for my classes, the weekends are devoted for work. If I don’t work in the weekends, I won’t be able to afford anything or even save money. After all, my trip to Italy is still in my tentative list of “things-to -do” next summer.Oh and yeah, I’m saving for my summer escapades as well.

Working in the weekends, keeps me from dating anyone. Well, not really because I found out recently that even in my classes, I get asked out by guys who have been eyeing on me the whole entire semester. Last Thursday, I was leaving class early when a guy from my class jokingly said,”You’re leaving early?! Why?… you shouldn’t.” I don’t know how the topic of adding him in Facebook and asking for my number came in, but he was able to get my contact info. Great.  But at least my weekends aren’t free for a dinner date, let alone a one-night stand.

I know I’m missing out on too many things but at least my grades are NOT in jeopardy. I don’t need to have fun right now, I need to get into the nursing program so that I can transfer to a university… ugh I hate myself for putting it off for two years now! I need my degree because I want to get a stable job.

I hate being called a liar.

I’m not out spending my weekends with a guy. I’m single!

I am not working in some prostitute/ stripping institution on the weekends. I personally think that’s dangerous and demeaning.

I am not a secret agent. That’s totally absurd, though I wish I can be one.

I think one of the reasons why people are so irritated with my unavailability for the weekends is that they were all used to seeing me over the summer all the time. Ever since Beppe left, the weekends that were once solely devoted to him and with friends, are now occupied with work. In my opinion, it was the best decision I’ve done to heal myself and to slowly move on from the excruciating separation I had with Beppe.

We all have to sacrifice greater things for greater purposes and I chose to sacrifice my weekends for my degree. I really want to graduate soon and make a move with my life.

I’m being reasonable right?!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Buzz.

  1. IGNORE.Your confidence is your appeal. Your inner belief is your path. I can see that you are a pretty and intelligent girl. ACT. Just ignore. The more confident you are the more people want to tickle you. YOU ARE YOU. You do what is good for you. You have your friends-the trusted ones-let the bloody world go to hell. I like you. You are like the girl friends I had but lost due to drinking.

  2. Maybe your friends are just worried about you.
    Why don’t you take a little time for them. Show them you’re still there. As they say, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

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