Oh. my. God.

Did I just made out with Mr. Nit-Picky?!

I can’t believe it.

It was a moment that I’m still day- dreaming about. How the hell did I end up making out with him?

I was hanging out with him last night and mind you, I thought it was going to be a ‘normal’ hang-out. I never thought that kissing was part of the agenda.

The first few hours composed of trying on his new Xbox racing game that he purchased recently (Yes, I tend to be a video geek sometimes) and we’ve watched “Step Brothers,” a movie that I’ve been dying to watch. Unfortunately, when two people start watching a movie, no matter what genre it is, cuddling seems to sneak its way in.

“Come lay with me here and let’s watch the movie.” Mr. Nit-picky was laying comfortably on his bed and underneath his covers. Fully clothed.

“Uh huh, sure.” I ignored him and continued watching the movie.

“No really… come on. I missed cuddling with you.” Okay… so we’ve cuddled a few weeks ago. No kissing and no touching of each other’s private parts, but we cuddled and TALK a LOT.

“Fine! You big baby!” I gave in, but I sat on his bed right next to him.

“Ohhh come on Khristine, come lie next to me.” He opened his arms like a little baby wanting to be lifted out of his crib.

I continued watching the movie and felt him wrap his arms around my waist while I was sitting down. He was massaging my back and he was playing with my long hair.

“I lovvveee your hair. I love playing with it. It’s so pretty.” He’s the first guy who fell in love with my hair.

“Uhhh… okay? Well… I want to cut it because I’m sick of it.” I really don’t.

“NOOO!!! DON’T!!!!”

Eventually, I lay right next to him because my feet were freezing. I felt him wrap his arms around me and we watched the movie and we were laughing really hard.


Remember all the rants I had about his pet peeve on food? I know it was a HUGE turn off, but I couldn’t believe that I’m starting to like him. Why? Well… I guess we’ve been talking a lot lately and we’ve known each other for almost a month now. And the relationship was completely platonic.

He was a good kisser.

No. He’s a friend! We agreed that we are friends.

But I enjoyed kissing him.

No! How about my feelings for Beppe? What the fuck. I told Beppe a few nights ago that I miss him so much.

He even tried controlling himself from kissing me because of the fact that “We are friends,” but he still kept on looking at my eyes, then my lips, then he kept brushing my lips with his fingers.

I’m so scared that he might break my heart, but I let him kiss me anyways.

Really, Mr. Nit-Picky held me by the neck, looked me through my eyes, and then kissed me  softly and gently.

Remember! I hated him. I hated his vanity and how he thinks everyone will like him in an instant!

However, he was actually sincere and admitted that he almost gave up on me because I didn’t show the signs that I was interested.

I truly wasn’t interested! My friends and my sister told me that I shouldn’t date him because he was only going to break my heart.

He said there were interested girls but he goes for someone who is of “wife-material” and apparently he thinks I am one.

This is stupid. I think he is going to break my heart with these girls lining up just so they can have him.

No wonder he wants to hang out with me all the time and when I don’t want to, he gets really disappointed.

He’s really not interested. Right?

I’m scared. A part of me tells me that I shouldn’t date him and a part of me wants to give it a try.

I don’t want to get hurt and that’s what I told him that night. I’ve had several break-ups this year and I couldn’t afford another one. Not all in one year.

So what we have decided was that we take things slow. Make it a secret affair for now and not make a big deal about it. We are just friends anyways. We have to “test the waters” and we want to be certain that whatever we decide in the end is the path that we both or separately take without regrets.

I’m so glad that no clothes came off except our cardigans.

I give him 10 kudos for keeping himself locked in his tight jeans and not removing them.


3 thoughts on “OmG.

  1. Mistakes happen. It’s natural to be seduced.
    But what if this wasn’t a mistake? This might really be your chance to be happy.

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