Drunk texting much.

Drunk- texting is nothing new to me. I’ve done it before and regret doing it again.

However, this time I get to be the receiver. Thank God, my phone is on silent while I’m sleeping!


At around 3 am this morning, I got a text message from a guy named, BK, who’s a year younger than me and we used to be in the same French class when I was a senior in high school. Actually, this wasn’t the first time that he has sent me a random text message- on a Saturday night. But it was this recent text message that caught my attention:

“Lewts hookup.”

The first time I read that, I didn’t know what ‘lewts’ meant, until I read the whole thing. Drunk texting much? Ohhh yeah! I remember a few nights ago, he has sent me a two word greeting; it was also on a Saturday night:

“Hey beautiful.”

I admit that I find that a bit cute; however, judging from what he has sent me last night, he was trying to do a sleek- talk on me. Smart young fella, but he can do better than that.

I can’t believe that BK would stoop so low to send me that text message of hooking up. Obviously, I’m not the type of girl who would just sleep around. I find it quite flattering that guys think I’m hot, but I respect myself too much to let myself be the prey of perverted, testosterone- driven, and alcoholic maniacs. I’m not surprised with drunk texting. I’ve had those before and it’s nothing new. But to hear it from BK, who was someone I admired back in high school for his innocent charm, his awkward timidness and for his discreet intelligence, made me quite disappointed. I understand that he is in college, he wants to have fun and he is in that age wherein he wants to have loads of excitement, but I’ve gone through that stage already. Sleeping around makes me feel dirty and I am way beyond that.

But really, what intrigues me is how guys can think of me while they are drunk. It leaves me fascinated in a strange way.


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