Sweetest Deal-breaker.

“I don’t eat pizza, sweets and I don’t drink sodas.”

What a deal breaker.

I’m not saying that I pig out on junk foods, but to meet someone who won’t spoil themselves once in awhile on “bad” but delectable foods turned me off. I met this guy who cursed over a piece of pizza and swore to his dead body to never eat sweets. Alright, I understand that it is indeed unhealthy to survive on a diet of pizza, but to condemn it forever seemed quite strange. Sure, whatever floats his boat.

The thing is, I never want to date a guy who could be so picky. I want to be with someone who won’t sweat the small stuff. If a guy works out almost every single day, a piece of pizza or a slice of cheesecake won’t hurt (on rare occasions). I love to be adventurous with food and indulge with it in moderation.

Talking to Mr. Nit- picky made me miss Beppe so much. I hate to compare people but I realized that I couldn’t date someone who restrains himself for the sole purpose of vanity. When I was dating Beppe, I thought he was vain to the point where he gets insecure with other men having toned pecs and toned abdominal muscles. But when I met Mr. Nit-picky, Beppe is nowhere near him. I love that Beppe indulges and tries new dishes with me, but at the same time he makes sure that he goes to the gym. After all, he is a cook who will try every food, most especially desserts. Even though our siesta involved walking to the park with gelato in our hands, Beppe never really cared that it has so much fat in it.

So basically… having to meet a guy with no “flavor” or desire to try out new dishes was basically one of the biggest turn offs I have ever encountered. Yeah, Mr. Nit-picky is one sweet and good-looking guy, but I don’t know if I can sit in a restaurant with him while I indulge in a tiramisu cake. I would feel very insecure with my weight rather than enjoy the cake with someone I admire.

Oh well, I brand Mr. Nit-picky as a friend for now. If he decides to try out sweets and pizza on rare occasions, I might change my mind. But for now, I’m going to eat my tiramisu cake until I get fat. Not really.


8 thoughts on “Sweetest Deal-breaker.

  1. Mr. Nit-Picky sounds…unadventurous. Eating food is about going on a magical journey of deliciousness. And he…he will never get to go on that journey…

  2. Sweets and junk food is what I live on. I meant picky as in types of food. More likely meat and sea food. BUT I’ll keep an open mind on certain foods and try something new. But that’s only if I am forced or convinced to 😀

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