Hookah Bar Drama.

Even if I deleted Facebook, drama will always chase after me. No matter how much I run away from drama, it’ll always be a part of my life.

Last night, I hung out with “the gang.” We all decided to go to this hookah bar, which I have never been before. They told me that they wanted to show me the place because it is so interesting. I haven’t been around my friends so much for these past few days because of my hectic schedule, so I decided to hang out with them last night. However, as usual, when you expect something good, the opposite usually happens.

“You know, I don’t really like Khristine. She annoys me, can we not invite her to come?” said this girl who recently started hanging out with the gang when I wasn’t around. Let’s call her… Poona

How could she say that when SHE is the outsider?

Really? It frustrates me to hear that. Who the hell does she think she is? Just because everyone started to warm up around her, it doesn’t mean that she can tell my group of friends to cut me off. Why didn’t she like me? Is it because everyone in the gang missed hanging out with me? God… when I heard that from Julia, I could have sworn I almost wanted to kill Poona.

Her drama didn’t stop there.

When I came back from the restaurant, where Beppe used to work because I wanted to stop by and greet his former co-workers who are close friends to us, I met up with the gang in a nearby parking lot. Guess what happened. Poona was hysterically loud and well… drunk.

The original plan was to go to Rodrigo’s house, then meet each other at the parking lot and then go to the hookah bar. I didn’t know that they were drinking at his house and of course, like every traditional Arabic hookah bar, we couldn’t get in there drunk.

I got out of my car and literally fussed at them.

Me: “Why the fuck are you guys drinking? You all know we’re going to a hookah bar!”

Julia: “Well… we had a few but Poona was too stubborn to stop. We took the bottles of vodka away from her but she kept on sneaking into the fridge and started drinking them.”

Rami: “Shit… she’s throwing up.”

Me: “Great.”

So on our way to the hookah bar, Poona kept on throwing up until we reached the hookah bar. We all stayed outside in the parking lot waiting for her to sober up. She kept on throwing up while we were all freezing.

Rami decided that we all come back to Rodrigo’s place, but that’s just simply absurd. I didn’t come all the way out to the hookah bar and waste my gas and time only because a reckless drunk Poona was puking.

Okay… I know I am being too insensitive. But you have to realize that it was the only night when I can hang out with the gang because it’s been such a long time since we all last hung out. Poona just happens to be pissing me off and ruining everyone’s night in the wrong timing.

In the end, Rami and three others drove back to Rodrigo’s to tend on Poona.

I am still quite annoyed and pissed off. It hurts me to know that someone doesn’t like me. Maybe she’s just jealous because I’ve got these great friends who care and love me. No matter what her deal is, I am still lucky.

I can’t please everyone no matter how much I seem likeable to most people and I won’t like most people no matter how much I compromise with them. That’s why I weed out people in my life and cherish those that accept me no matter who I am.


6 thoughts on “Hookah Bar Drama.

  1. She sounds like one of those people who relies too much on alchahol to have a good time. You have a right to be annoyed. Especially if she’s just gonna hate you.

    …I guess what matters most here is that you should focus not on the one girl that’s hating, but the rest of the group that does like you. Maybe. I’m no good with people so…I dunno how this stuff works.

    • Oh well, she’s only one person out of the 80 billion or so people in this planet. I just hate the fact that she can be conceited.

      But yeah, I agree with what you said, I shouldn’t focus on her since she doesn’t matter so much when compared to my real friends. But I just hate that she ruined that opportunistic night where we could have all had a great time! Oh well… life goes on.

    • Oh definitely! I will totally ignore her and have a great time! She’s only a dot in my map lol. Who gives a shit if she dislikes me, that, too, can give me every right to dislike her.

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