I do have a lot of boy-friends.

“So… do you have a lot of guy friends?” asked a guy that I just met.

“As a matter of fact…  I do.”

I realized recently that I do have more guy friends compared to girl friends. I didn’t intend it to be that way, but I guess it seems as though I get along with guys better. I’m not saying that I have anything against girls, but it’s easier to talk to guys.

I do have girlfriends but I’m not as close to them when compared to my guy buddies. Well.. I do have two, actually three girls that I talk to about boy problems. However, most of the time, I mostly ask feedback from my male friends.

I am very fortunate that I have guy friends who treat me as either a “little sister” or a “big sister.” I mostly gain practical and realistic advice from them and most of the time, they are right. Even though my male friends’ practical advice goes hand in hand with knowing the brutal truth, it often leaves me content because I see a different perspective. Let’s take relationships as an example.

“Here’s what you need to know about guys Khristine, we are born to be hunters and we are born to solve something.”

“Okay… what does that suppose to mean?”

“We don’t like women who are easy, plain and simple. If we do want women who are easy, chances are, we only want them in bed.”

“So you mean to say, guys like the chase?”

“Women are like puzzles. They are fun to solve. When we can’t figure out a woman or a woman isn’t easy to take in bed, we mostly feel intrigued and… what’s the word…”


“There’s a saying, if you work for something you want, then you gain so much out of it.”

“No pain, no gain?”

“Yeah… somewhat like that.”

I remember learning in my psychology class that women tend to be more socialites in their pacts. Talking is the bonding in women groups. Whereas men, they tend to bond by doing. Men bond through sports, their hobbies rather than talking.

And that’s a fact.

Maybe the reason why I bond so much better with guys because I love hanging out with them and I love to do things with them. I love to play sports, play bowling, play a card game etc. I do talk with my girlfriends, but most of the time, it’s either shopping or gossiping and those things can be stressful!

What I also realized recently is that my guy friends tend to be more caring and more concerned than my girlfriends. As I said earlier, some of my guy buddies treat me as their ‘little sister’ and one of their main intentions is to protect me. When I get drunk, they make sure that I go home safely and when I’m in a crowd, they make sure that the guy I am with is someone that they can trust. My girlfriends will like it when I’m with some random guy at a club, even though he might be a possible rapist: Once you’re with a cute guy, you’re safe.

I hope you don’t get the impression that I am a tomboy who wears sweatpants and t-shirts to class or that I am “one- of the boys.” No, not completely like that. I am a prissy- posh girl who can be a tomboy when I feel like it. I wear dresses and stilettos and when I’m in my “chill-mood,” I like to wear jeans with a button-down shirt. I am that easy-going.

Now I want to ask you this question:

Do you feel intimidated when you meet someone you are interested with, who has more friends of the opposite sex? Explain why you think so.


6 thoughts on “I do have a lot of boy-friends.

  1. I have a ton of guy friends, but my girlfriends and the people at school think its slutty to have that many guy friends.
    I mean I do have this one girl bestie, but most of the girls, as you said, only gossip about lame shit.
    So is it my fault I chose more emotionally mature guys over girls who only care about their mascara not smudging.

  2. I have three best friends(girls). But a lot of guy friends. It’s not bad at all. It’s completely normal!(: Girls can fuck off for all I care. I don’t get caught up on drama. ‘Cause I stay away from girls who start it.

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