Facebook Deactivation.

I’m caught in a dilemma. I ask myself this stupid question,

“Should I give Facebook a rest for now?”  No, let me rephrase that,

“Why should I deactivate my Facebook?”

Simple answer: Because I am addicted to it.

I realized that most of my time is devoted solely on Facebook.  It’s quite addicting and it’s making me unproductive! The notification box-thing is making matters worse than it is. Every time I get a message or some random person posted something on my wall, I get that red notification and it’s quite, truly, maddening! I LOVE to get notifications… who doesn’t? Especially when I get one from someone I am interested with, but the most annoying part is, when I get so much notification from a friend’s post, which I commented on. It’s so nice to get that box-thingy only to find out that it’s not directed to me, but to someone else’s wall.

Really… that’s not all. Facebook is the most popular breeding -social -network for drama.  Have you ever imagined Facebook as a monster breeding techy- drama queens?

Every status update either leads to drama or to personal revelation of some sort.

“Omg it’s raining outside! My make- up is ruined, my hair that I just straightened for half an hour is a mess!”

“Why do people forget to flush the toilet in my house?”  (That’s too much info.)

“I am awake.”

“As I was walking my dog… omg I found this weird looking rock!”

“I am about to head to the office and I am enjoying my warm Starbucks latte that is consisted of 4 shots of espresso with 3 pumps of chocolate, no whip.”

“I opted for a high protein, high fiber, low carb diet. So to calculate how much of each you need, we use Calorie Intake(from earlier), where 50% cal is for protein, 25% fat, 25% carb. e.g, for me 115lbs. x15=1725 – 700 =1025 cal/day, 1025/2= 862.5 total cal from protein, then divide it by 4=216.625g of protein. that leaves me with 431.25 cal ea. for fat and carb, therefore I can eat 107.81 of fat and carb each.”             (HAHAH… seriously?! Thank you Facebook for creating the “HIDE” button!)

I admit that I’m one of those people, but not the part about the toilet and that crazy diet info.

I LOVE to post my favorite quotes, what I’m doing, where I am with someone, and most of all, who I am indirectly addressing my frustrations. It’s definitely the best way to tell everyone of my 200+ or so friends, who mostly don’t give a s—, because 2- out of 4 people will comment on my status, which is the best part: more red-box-notification thing! Yay. Never mind what the person think or if he or she even knows that I am talking about him or her.

Facebook chat is so much better than any other messenger.

I know that it doesn’t have the full capacity to video chat with someone and it has no say when compared to Skype. But what’s so intimidating about facebook chat, even though sometimes it lags and it doesn’t show the messages; it has that “pop” sound and again… that RED notification thingy. It’s truly making my life easier because I can chat and stalk people in facebook all at the same time. I love it.

Also, Facebook is so convenient to set up appointments and all that fun stuff.

For people who doesn’t know how to ‘tag’ people in their post, we conveniently use the “@” symbol. It’s the best thing that Facebook has created, in my opinion. I can tag people to chime into my rambles. It’s THAT convenient! What’s more ridiculous is that for every smart phone (not only iPhone!), Facebook can be easily accessed.

Seriously though, frankly speaking, I do have to stop Facebook.

It truly is addicting! I’m obsessed about it. Ugh… it’s like the daily magazine for gossips that is constantly updated every second. I need a break from Facebook because I will always update my status that will produce more of those RED-box notification thingy.

Therefore, I conclude that I deactivate Facebook until January of 2011. Why? Because I need to! Actually, let me reconsider that.


9 thoughts on “Facebook Deactivation.

    • Facebook is like a drug. It’s so hard to get away from it once everyone starts making it as their form of communication to you. I hate that because they can always text or call through cell phone, or even e-mail.

  1. I was so addicted to Facebook.
    But then one day as I was sitting online, I realized, “What the FUCK is happening to me?!”
    So I am no more on Facebook, I’m out and about!
    And blogging is so much more useful.
    Expressing your thought and feelings and actually having people say what they think about it. What they really think about it. You won’t ever get that on Facebook.
    So, kudos to WordPress.

    • I totally agree! But I think that’s one of the reason why facebook is so popular. It’s a continuation of high school. It’s a social network so I guess dram is expected.

  2. The moment people start posting what they are eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner is usually when I slap them in the face with the hide button.

    But the creepiest thing on Facebook is parents who replace their profile pic with a pic of their child. Like hello? So what am I friends with a baby now? And all their status updates are like “LOLLLLZ, little Jonny just vomited everywhere and its all lumpy!! Hahahaha” or “Jonny just did a stinker and I have to change him! Booo!”

    Like seriously.. please. Get help. Now.

    • Ugh. That is soo annoying!

      I mean… okay, it’s nice to know how everyone is doing in the family but come on… not too much in detail. Also, it’s quite annoying that they try to sound like … kids. I just find that really absurd.

  3. Facebook can definitely drive a person crazy. I was on it constantly while I was in college. I’d be writing a paper and this is how it would go: write a sentence, check Facebook like 15 minutes, write a sentence, check to see if there are any interesting status updates, write HALF a sentence, stalk some random persons pictures that I barely talk to. UGHHH! Yeah, I was definitely addicted.

    After graduating though, I find myself less and less on it. And it’s hard because most of my friends still have one year in college left, and they are always like OMG did you see so and so’s pictures, or so and so’s relationship status. And I’m like whaaa? So out of the loop. I think it’s a give and take. A balance. But yeah, I definitely see what you mean. I don’t know if I could ever get rid of it though. It’s how I talk to so many people. haha But all power to you!

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