A little piece.

Summer’s Trail


Ink blotches splattered everywhere

Words either scratched or left in doubt

My mind wants to speak

But no voice came out.


Memories made every moment

Days go by so quickly

Every moment becomes history

I want to go back

But time won’t let me.


Leaves will soon turn to ashes

Smiles disappear as the season rot

Summer fades into autumn

My feelings for you remains-

But will yours remain the same?


Places and buildings retell a love story-

Of those memories we so cleverly wrote

Soon we’ll part with each a copy

And I, standing there and remembering it all.

“Stay” the hardest word to say

“Love” the simplest word to have

“Fallen” the bitter word to confess

And “You” are the person I cannot keep.


People say it’s the ending

But who truly knows beyond this parting?

I cannot expect nor assume

But I can only hope for a beginning.


I made this poem for Beppe around end of July. A little piece, nothing big.


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