I’m addicted to wordpress.  I’m addicted in reading my favorite blogs.

I’d like to put Sushi-Grade Insight’s blog in the limelight because she has the most profound, powerful and insightful quotes.

If you read her blog, there is no doubt that you will be tremendously moved by her.

This is one of her blog entries that inspired me:

“Take chances and risks, and throw all caution to the wind. You only have one heart, so love, goddamn it, love until it’s battered and bruised, because that’s a sign of a heart that knows what it wants. Don’t build walls around it, because they don’t keep people out. They fence you in. When you find the people you want to spend your entire life with, never, ever give them up without a fight. People who take your breath away don’t come often; sometimes, never again. I hope you find where you belong.”

-Sushi-Grade Insights


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