It’s nice to see couples walk hand in hand:

She’s wearing a pink-laced cotton dress, while her eyes sparking as she wraps her arm around his waist.

He’s wearing a blue striped button down shirt, while he lays his hand on her shoulder, proudly proclaiming to the world,

“She’s my star.”

I used to be that girl.


It’s nice to see couples giggling with each other:

She luminously smiles to him with her cheeks glowing incandescently and lighting up the room.

He glues his eyes on her luminescent aura as he looks at her as if she’s the only woman in the room.

“She’s my angel.”

I used to be that girl.


It’s nice to see couples lying on the grassy field under a nice warm weather:

She’s laying her head on top of his chest, slumbering quietly on his breathing lullaby.

He wraps his hands around her and he looks up at the cotton -filled blue skies,

“She is my world.”

I used to be that girl.


It’s nice to see couples kissing each other before they bid each other goodbye:

She brushes her hands through his hair

He cups her neck and pulls her waist close to him as he mumbles,

“She’s mine.”

I used to be that girl.


I used to be just as lucky as those girls.

And until now, I’m still lucky to have lived in those beautiful moments

Because I know that:

It’s better to have been with him for a short while, than live a lifetime without ever meeting him.

Who knows what lies in the future?


2 thoughts on “Single.

  1. it must have been a beautiful relationship. It’s nice that you dont hold grudges against him. But it must have been hard for you to see couples and get haunted by your memories. Really, keep your head up because who knows, he might not be the last to give you such beautiful memories.

  2. I don’t know what I would have done without my Joe.
    Thank God we’re still together and going strong.
    But I do feel really bad for you. But it’s nice that you’re positive about the whole thing.

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