Friends will take shots with you

Even though you know that you’re going way over board

But they will always take you as you are no matter what

Friends will be there when you need them

Even though 5 out of your friends will not answer your phone all the time

But there will always be one or two who surely will!

Friends will be there in your toughest times

Even though it meant sacrificing their sleep will bother them the next day,

But they are still your friends anyway

Friends will do the most impossible and sometimes the most stupidest things just to make you smile

Even though you know that they don’t help in healing your wounds

But you know that even though you lost someone, you’ll still have friends behind your back 🙂


3 thoughts on “Gang.

  1. Good friends always know how to balance out listening with talking.. and trust me good friends make all the difference in the end. If you want to know what kind of person you are, or how others view you.. just look at your friends.

    Best mirror ever.

  2. I have many friends but there are only about a handful I can call my true friends. The ones who would stick with you through thick and thin are worth keeping.

    Oh, and I love the artwork, did you do this yourself? 😉

    • Yep, I drew them. Hahah.. it’s a bit childish but oh well…

      Same with me, I do have a lot of friends, but I only have 3-6 friends who I completely run to when I’ve got secrets or when I’ve got a huge problem.

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