That moment

Picture that moment

When I hide inside your sheets

And you found me waiting for you






That moment

Breathe that moment

When I combed my hands in your hair

While you looked me with your caring eyes

Wondering, “What is she thinking?”




That moment

Grasp that moment

When we whispered each other’s name

And I held your hands tightly close to mine






That moment

Feel that moment

When our body and soul collided into one-

And as time went into a soothing halt-

Breathing, whimpering and hoping we don’t separate.





That moment

Imagine that moment

When the two of us would sleep peacefully

And time would be of no essence





That moment

Picture that moment

When we laughed and cried in your sheets-

Hoping and wishing that everything never ends



That moment

Remember that moment

When I told you to come back

Beckoning you to not ever let go.





I want to picture that moment

When I wake up on a Sunday morning

In our own sheets with no noise

And to hear you breathing right next to me-

Would be the closest experience I have of heaven.


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