I miss you.

I try my best not to think of you

I push you out of my mind

I do things I don’t want to do

But I still miss you.


I miss you.

I checked my phone a minute ago

I hide it somewhere I can’t see

I made it silent so I don’t check my phone quite so often than usual

But I still miss you.


I miss you.

I feel that if I don’t see your face or

I don’t feel your presence near me,

I feel like I’m missing a huge part of me

And I still miss you.


I miss you.

I remember every detail we did the last time you were around and-

I couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful you are in ways I cannot explain

I couldn’t believe you haven’t texted or called me in 5 hours

And I freakin’ miss you.

I miss you.

I hope that you don’t think I’m obsessed over you

I think you might have received 10 messages from me and

I hope you don’t think it’s way too much

And I badly miss you a lot!


I miss you.

I love it when you apologize of how your battery died or you couldn’t get a signal

But you know what,

I’ll make you text me 10 messages

Because that’s how much I missed you…and that’s a lot! 🙂


The end. 😛


2 thoughts on “Missing.

  1. Isn’t it weird how we check our cellphones so often when we’re expecting a message or call from someone? It’s one of my habits that I can’t seem to break! haha 😉

    Loved your posts! Visit my blog too!

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