She gave all of her heart to someone


and that someone broke all of it but left one tiny piece.

That tiny piece turned into ice.


Her icy piece grew harder as she met guys who didn’t bother melting it.


Then one day, she met a man who made a deal with her that if he breaks her block of ice, she will be happy and that he will need to leave because she needs to learn how to love and not give all of her heart when it comes to falling in love.

The mysterious man tried everything spontaneous to melt that block of ice. He gave it time, space, and a lot of patience.


She ignored him, tested him and sometimes she even pushed him away.


The mysterious man was stubborn as an ox and never gave up on her.

Soon enough, she started noticing all his small deeds and she started melting until that one tiny piece grew a pair and she had almost a complete heart.

To complete the deal, the guy had to depart even though they  didn’t want to separate.

As it turns out, the mysterious man fell for her as he pursued on breaking her ice and she in turn fell for his persistent love. When the man left, she found out that the new half of her heart looked different from her tiny piece. She realized that the guy who made her melt, gave half of his heart so that she may learn how to love again.

Now that she is strong and confident, she decided to keep the man’s heart as she embarks into meeting new potential candidates.

She gave away small pieces of her original heart to guys that didn’t want to make it whole and kept the mysterious guy’s heart permanently close to her as a reminder of what love really means. She hopes that someday, somewhere in time, she’ll share her new heart to the man who gave it to her.

The end.


5 thoughts on “Love.

  1. What a fantastic post.. “signorinabea” is right, it is totally adorable.

    This I hope we get to see more of. Great stuff..

    Greets from Berlin – Paul

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